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  • Momenti EP | Crossover Records

    In their debut EP, you will hear the genre-fluid, breakthrough group Momenti for the first time, experiencing what makes their artistry unique. From the virtuosic nature of the first self-titled track, to the soulful cries of “I Don’t Know What Love Is,” from ‘A Star Is Born,’ to the smooth transitions and heartfelt message of Sondheim’s “Move On,” you will be taken on a true musical journey. Featuring the GRAMMY Award- winning singer Leah Crocetto, the versatile, multi-genre piano man Ronny Michael Greenberg, and critically acclaimed singer Christian Pursell. With Momenti, you will hear music that makes you feel. MOMENTI LEAH CROCETTO RONNY MICHAEL GREENBERG CHRISTIAN PURSELL EP Release date: 02/10/2023 Producer: C. Roscoe Beck Recording Engineer: John Ziola Mixing: John Ziola, C. Roscoe Beck. Mastering: Lee Jackson Photography: Caitlin Oldham Recorded 10/15/22 - 10/16/22 at Blue Rock Artist Studios (Austin TX). ​ ​ TRACK LISTING 1. Momenti (4:23) arrangement by Ronny Michael Greenberg) 2. Sposa 3. Don’t Know What Love Is Roscoe Beck, bass; Dave Scher, guitar; David Sierra, drums 4. It All Fades Away Roscoe Beck, bass; Dave Scher, guitar; David Sierra, drums 5. Our Love Is Easy Roscoe Beck, bass; Dave Scher, guitar; David Sierra, drums 6. Move On

  • Singles gallery | Crossover Records

    Non Fate Guerra (single) Glen Seven Allen Live With Somebody You Love Jay Dref John Riesen Take Me As I Am (single) John Riesen Katrina Thurman Agony (single) John Riesen Jonathan Estabrooks Lily's Eyes (single) John Riesen Jonathan Estabrooks Maria (single) John Riesen Believe (single) John Riesen His Noel Was First (single) John Riesen Randy Cox Music A Whole New World (single) John Riesen Lauren Jelencovich I'm There (single) John Riesen Elyse Kakacek Come To Your Senses (single) Brittney Leigh Morton CATALOGUE FULL ALBUMS EPS SINGLES ALL RELEASES

  • HOME | Crossover Records

    LATEST NEWS BROWSE ARTISTS SHOP THE STORE PLAYLISTS LATEST FROM THE LABEL Crossover Records is an artist-led label that embraces music which crosses genres and excites listeners. Established originally as an artist collective, our goal is to facilitate projects that artists are passionate about and work to make each album as unique as the musicians are themselves. Learn More DANIEL EMMET - New Album - December 16 A BRIGHT TOMORROW - Kenneth Overton - December 2 EVERMORE - by Joanna Mongiardo, NOW ON SALE! MOMENTI - Coming Soon February 10, 2023

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