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Momenti was founded by singers Leah Crocetto and Christian Pursell, and pianist Ronny Michael Greenberg. They first met during the pandemic and knew their chemistry was something special, so they decided to do something about it, and planned a concert. From that magical April evening, Momenti was eventually formed over a bottle of Flowers Chardonnay. All three artists have established solo careers, but discovered something new and special when they performed together.  From that first collaboration, there was an inevitability that they were destined to be Momenti. They are virtuosic, multi- faceted, and multi-genre, and have a flair for music that pulls at the heartstrings. When you listen to Momenti, you will hear something you’ve never heard before, of course with a classical sensibility and background, but beyond that you will hear influences from jazz, musical theater, folk, pop, blues, and church music.  As three uniquely talented artists, their goal as a group is to create something greater than themselves, that moves people from all walks of life.  Through their performances, they want to express that music is a universal language, with the power to connect us all on a spiritual level.



GRAMMY Award-winning artist Leah Crocetto eats, sleeps, and breathes music of all kinds. She isn’t picky, her only stipulation is that it has to come from the soul and make a statement. She is most known for singing opera all over the world, especially starring as Verdi’s greatest heroines in the most prestigious houses, but her real passion is connecting with others while making music in an intimate way. As a co-founding member of the band Momenti, she gets to do just that! Leah was raised on the greatest singers of all time, Pavarotti, Tebaldi, Tony Bennett, Earth, Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Sandi Patty, and many others. This gave her an appreciation for all genres. In addition to being a soloist in the opera world and a founding member of Momenti, she is also a Professor of Voice at the University of Texas at Austin. “HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!!” She believes it is her responsibility to help raise and support the next generation of vocal artists to appreciate musical diversity, with a sound vocal approach through bel canto technique. When she isn’t singing, you can find Leah making something with her hands, whether it’s a drawing, a blanket, a painting, or a delicious meal! She loves a great lipstick, a good shot of tequila, and walking in nature with her pup Ernie the Maltese. 



On any given day, you can find pianist and producer Ronny Michael Greenberg improvising at a Jazz Bar, arranging an opera in Bossa Nova style, or plotting out his next musical tasting collaboration with a Michelin Star chef. Equally passionate about musical, visual and culinary arts, he is the Founder and CEO of Taste of Talent, a non-profit that showcases the connective power of Music and Art through multi-sensory experiences and promotes entrepreneurial empowerment of Artists. Ronny has toured internationally performing in the Vienna Konzerthaus, Carnegie Hall, Montreal’s Place des Arts Theater, and across Italy, New Zealand, and Hawai’i. A regular performer at the Black Cat of the University Club in San Francisco, Ronny arranges, composes and lives for musical diversity. Recently he co-produced OperAloha, a program celebrating opera for everyone at the Kahilu Theater in Hawai’i with music in eight languages. He co-produced the Merola Opera Program’s Gala in 2021 and is the curator for “TILT”, an annual concert collaboration between Grace Cathedral and San Francisco Opera. As a founding member of the multi-genre trio, Momenti, he is proud to bring his wildest musical fantasies to life with two of his closest friends Leah Crocetto and Christian Pursell. Ronny’s cat, Atlas, holds up his world.


Christian Pursell lives to perform. As a singer and actor, Christian pursues countless ways to share his creative energy. He recently debuted in a bel canto opera in Philadelphia, and was labeled “gold-toned” by The New Yorker. He takes that comment to heart, as Christian is passionate about the power of the voice and the ability to connect with audiences through singing. Co-founding Momenti with Ronny Michael Greenberg and Leah Crocetto is a true adventure, using collective voices in new, exciting, and unheard of ways, to directly reach the souls of audiences. Christian performs roles in opera houses across the U.S.A., traveling in a ‘62 Airstream, towed by his ‘67 Chevy truck. He loves to repair, construct, and problem solve. When not singing, he produces HiFi videos for clients and his YouTube channel. As a father raising his 5 year old son, he values fostering his inner child, and loves to live life to its fullest!

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